Searching for alternate RNA structures in genomic sequences

Azadeh Saffarian, Mathieu Giraud and Hélène Touzet
Reference. Azadeh Saffarian, Mathieu Giraud and Hélène Touzet. 2014. Searching for alternate RNA structures in genomic sequences. Proceedings of 1st workshop on Computational Methods for Structural RNAs (CMSR'14). isbn:978-2-9550187-0-5. pp. 13-24. doi:10.15455/CMSR.2014.0002
Abstract. We introduce the concept of RNA multi-structures, that is a formal grammar-based framework specifically designed to model a set of alternate RNA secondary structures. Such alternate structures can either be a set of suboptimal foldings, or distinct stable folding states, or variants within an RNA family. We provide several such examples and propose an efficient algorithm to search for RNA multi-structures within a genomic sequence.
Presented at CMSR'14 (Strasbourg, France) on September 7th 2014 at 11:00 by Hélène Touzet.

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