Deciphering the regulatory functions of miRNAs

Reference. Mihaela Zavolan. 2014. Deciphering the regulatory functions of miRNAs. Proceedings of 1st workshop on Computational Methods for Structural RNAs (CMSR'14). isbn:978-2-9550187-0-5. pp. 66-66. doi:10.15455/CMSR.2014.0009
Abstract. miRNAs are small RNAs that guide Argonaute proteins to target mRNAs through perfect complementarity involving 7-8 nucleotides of the miRNA's 5'end. These 'canonical' targets typically undergo degradation and translational inhibition. However, recent studies have suggested that miRNA target degradation can give rise to additional behaviors. These unclude the threshold-linear response of the targets to their transcriptional induction, reduction of the 'noise' in target expression and induction of correlations in the expression of the targets of a given miRNA. Here I will discuss our combined, experimental and computational, approaches towards predicting miRNA targets and characterizing the functional impact of miRNAs.
Presented at CMSR'14 (Strasbourg, France) on September 7th 2014 at 14:45 by Mihaela Zavolan.

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